What is Shen Min?
About Shen Min and He Shou Wu

Shen Min integrates a revolutionary combination of Chinese medicine with modern science to create the latest breakthrough in achieving full, lustrous, healthy hair. By combining a powerful mixture of standardized herbs such as He Shou Wu & Horse Chestnut Extract with vital co-factor nutrients such as Silica, Biotin, Saw Palmetto & other nutriceuticals, Shen Min helps to maximize your hair's potential naturally! Whether you are male or female, Shen Min can help your hair return to it's youthful state of vibrance and fullness.

  • For hair loss & thinning hair
  • Specially formulated for Men and women's needs
  • "Energizes" follicular growth
  • 100% natural
  • Proven blend of He Shou Wu
  • Products for internal and external use
  • Supports embryotic follicular activity naturally

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the leading cause of pattern hair loss. DHT causes hair follicles to go into a resting or dormant phase. With no follicular activity you'll have no hair growth. The long term effects of DHT that carry over into our 30's and 40's can be devastating to the health of our hair. Shen Min helps you stop suffering from thinning, lifeless hair that continues to develop a growing hair loss cycle. You've got a natural, scientific advantage with Shen Min.

What is He Shou Wu?

He Shou Wu (also called Fo-Ti) is commonly used in China, and has been for many centuries. Originally, it was used to turn aged, greying hair back to it's youthful darker color. In time, it was also found to regrow hair in some users. It has also been found that He Shou Wu is very good at lowering LDL cholesterol and is also used as a tonic for the kidney's and liver to aid excretion. Combined with the abilities of modern science, He Shou Wu has been blended into the proprietary formula available as Shen Min.

He Shou Wu is a vine plant; vigorous specimen with a very cunning growth ability. New plants should be grown in pots until their second spring when they can be transplanted into a shady bed with a trellis. Can be grown in sun or shade, but Fo-ti will not tolerate high heat very well at all. This woody perennial can grow to six feet.

Standard Uses: This vine plant is a good ornamental selection for gardens needing a lush green vine to cover a trellis. Their ability to grow in a shady location is a plus, but their inability to withstand high heat does limit their use in warmer regions.

Medicinal Uses: Fo-ti is said to have a root that grows as big as a football at times. It's reputation as a tonic has been touted as a substance to produce longevity, fertility and vitality. Today, many use it as an effective tool against high blood pressure and hardening of the veins and arteries. The component of Lecithin which is contained in Fo-ti helps to reduce arterial plaque and blood pressure. It has also been used for years as a folk remedy for darkening pre-mature gray hair.

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